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Wendy Otieno, Voice Staff
Kenya · International Refugee Rights Initiative

My Magic moment happened a year in working with Voice. I remember that day so well, the Global Programme Officer, Tomas Chang Pico had invited me to go for a partner visit, it was the first time I would interact with a global grantee on a face-to-face level. I remember when we walked into the community space and the lovely ladies of the Shona warmly welcomed us. It was surprising to see how three hours just flew by without noticing. I learned and gained knowledge that I had not known prior; the rich history of the Shona, their journey, their challenges and their dreams, most importantly. I remember listening to the stories of resilience of the women and how determined they were to have their own identity and voice. When they sang, I was blown away….That is where my magic moment happened….and I remember when I was asked to speak, during my speech, that was the moment that I vowed to myself to ensure that every voice counted and was represented.

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