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Ramata Coulibaly, Voice Staff
· AMPA, Agoratoire

With Voice, I have had some very magical moments. One of my wonderful moments was precisely in October 2018 during the visit of the Voice Advisory Board members to Mali. I was overjoyed when I saw people of small stature, connecting cultures, languages, ages and spirits through songs, dance and music.

Another magical moment happened in 2019 in January at the Indaba Linking and Learning event in Kenya. It was the first time for me to meet hundreds of people from different nationalities and various socio-professional categories with strong positive energy to fight against discrimination and social exclusion. I was particularly impressed by the power of the testimonies and the sharing of experiences of the rightsholders. It was great when I saw Djouma, a young woman member of AMPA, one of Voice’s partners in Mali, share her experiences during the group reflection on albinism. It was a wonderful moment.

And finally, the most wonderful moment was in March 2019 at the closing of the Slam and Humour Festival organised by Agoratoire, another Voice partner. Seeing the same Djouma on stage in a fashion show in a big boubou with incomparable elegance.  Her performance and her self-esteem deeply amazed me …… It was a great pride for me and an unforgettable moment. With Voice.

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