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Mullins Teddy Okokoo
Kenya · Tinada Youth Organisation

Hello, my name is Mullins Teddy Okokoo from Kenya. I am a recovering alcohol and drug addict of three years, three months now. Four years ago, I was hopelessly bound by the shackles and fetters of addiction, heavily subdued by what seemed to me, eternal darkness in the bottomless pit. After several futile attempts at keeping sober, I started to believe my salvation to be impossible.

Having sought help through the twelve steps of AA and rehabilitation, my epiphany struck early 2019 at the Azure Hotel Nairobi, where I had been invited by Voice as one of the beneficiaries of TINADA Youth Organisation to Link, Learn and share my experience with other beneficiaries from all corners of the globe. The fortitude by which these valiant souls braved their respective ordeals imbued me with unquenchable inspiration to be a beacon of hope for the hopeless, and wielding the power of voice as my iron sceptre, a voice to the voiceless! Thank you.

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