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Catherine Essoyan, Oxfam Novib
Kenya · Linking and Learning

I was invited to share a magic moment I have with Voice. My magic moment is from the Indaba in Nairobi in January 2019. I joined a small group of parents of children with autism or Down syndrome. It was a diverse group with participants from Asia and Africa. I was asked why I chose that group to participate it and I explained that my older son Bjorn is on the autistic spectrum. We shared our experiences as parents with our children growing up. It was a special conversation exchanging with each other. We had the task of together developing something creative growing out of our lived experiences. We wrote a poem together. We did not realise it at the time but later that afternoon we had to present our poem live on stage for an invited audience. It was great to do this together united by our experiences of parenting special children. This picture captures my magic moment in Voice. If fact this was only one of many magic moments I have had as I have been able to accompany this vibrant and innovative program over the years since it was established as I chair the Voice Steering Committee.

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