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Luzviminda Antonio
Philippines · DAWN Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Hello. I am Luzviminda C. Antonio the Chairperson of the DAWN Multipurpose Cooperative. VOICE has helped our cooperative by making us achieve new heights by empowering the women and the youth as well. With the help of VOICE, we were able to conduct different trainings and seminars which helped us to learn more about our cooperative and how to make it more prosperous. We were able to go to Baguio City to conduct an Exposure visit. We went to Narda’s and Easter Weaving. Because of this exposure visit we have sparked the interest of our youth in the world of weaving, and gaining new knowledge on marketing hand-woven products as well. We also seek to empower our women and youth as well as their families through cooperatives by conducting a forum on Women Migrants Concerns.

Through this, we have learned the stories of our women and the youth and knew more about them. Here we have learned that we should be resilient and try to achieve our goals in life. It is important that we stand on our feet and never give up. Our magic moment with the help of VOICE is when we found new products to sell such as hand-woven washable face masks which are very essential during the pandemic. The youth also helped in marketing these face masks pivoted by DAWN’s Sikhay, and creating new posters for the Facebook page of the DAWN-MPC. With the continuous support of VOICE, we had made our cooperative run and operate better especially with the addition of the Youth by our side, these are our magical moments!

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