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Okama Ekpe Brook
Nigeria · African Carribean Heritage Alliance

My name is Okama Ekpe Brook and I am the country director for the African Caribbean heritage alliance. When we set out to implement this project, I had no idea how things will turn out. I just had the conviction that rightsholders, stakeholders and partners will positively embrace the creativity and innovative approaches brought in by ACHA. It is therefore with a grateful heart and a humble disposition that I share this AHA moment. My moment happened when soon after a meeting with a partner about our Innovation and Reconnection IR project. After hearing about the objectives of the project providing access to social services in health and education through the arts, culture, edutainment and sports; he immediately agreed to collaborate and offered to partner by writing songs and teaching music to our rightsholders. He wrote a song for ACHA. The song was so good and the lyrics meaningful that it became our theme song and was performed live at the 1st ACHA ART and SPORTS FAIR in January 2020, in Abuja Nigeria. It goes to show that with just a little support, the huge creative talent of our youth can be innovatively transformed into livelihood alternatives. The artist Mikal Hedges Tom is a recording artist and our ACHA in-house music trainer. This has resulted in more artists emerging from the ACHA project. Here is the link to the theme song


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