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Olive Namutebi
Uganda · Albinism Umbrella Uganda

It is the year 2018. We have just won a grant to profile people with albinism. I am evidently excited, anxious yet confident to do a great job. This is the moment to know where my fellow people with albinism are! Fast forward to October 16th 2019, The (former) ambassador for Women rights and Gender equality, Ms Mette is visiting Albinism Umbrella.

Carefully selected is a group of people with albinism who had been fished out of the dark. In attendance is a commuter taxi conductor paying his college fees, Ms Albinism 2019 model, among others. Yet in our midst sat a quiet mother of twins, who was to speak for the first time in such an audience.

Diana was timid, didn’t know English yet her story was phenomenal. She used a local dialect as I translated it into English. One could not miss the voice of triumph and determination to face the world. She had survived seven years’ abduction by a witch doctor. This was my magic moment.

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