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Kayla Lapiz, Voice Staff
Indonesia · Yapesdi

There was once a young man I met in the name of Morgan Maze, and he turns out to be one amazing being. We were at Nairobi, Kenya for the annual global linking and learning event we call Indaba. Morgan is a part of a Voice-funded project in Indonesia called Let’s Speak Up, implemented by Yapesdi—whose goal was to empower youth with down syndrome to stand up and speak up for themselves—because they can.

During an unconferencing session to be led by Yapesdi, Morgan was to share his story. He had everything prepared and was ready with his piece. Then came the cold feet and he suddenly did not feel like taking the stage. It was important to understand him and how he was feeling, but it was also in that situation that I had that magical moment—that instinct to give him a little push so he’d go for it. Because we all know he can. And he did. He shared his story. Another loud and proud Voice resounding. Voice is not just here to see organisations and individuals grow. We are here to grow with them. Be inspired by them, and in our own little ways, motivate them to move forward—to take that stage, to find and let that voice out.

Thank you, Morgan. You are magical.

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