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Elvis Herbert
Uganda · Linking and Learning

My magic moment was during an inclusion workshop in Nairobi in 2017, where I was surrounded by different people working on different issues of Human Rights. Being the only LGBT in the room, at first, I was so scared, but during the day, when the workshop was going on, I was reminded that it was an inclusion workshop where there was no discrimination or stigmatisation of any kind.

This opportunity made me reach out and speak with different individuals, including individuals who are living with disabilities. Something that I have never done. Something that I had never considered, but this workshop gave me that platform, that opportunity, to plan, to organise, and also to think through with people who are living with disabilities

During a session with people with disabilities, I was able to learn more, I was able to learn their fears, I was able to learn their courage, I was able to learn more about life. So that was my magic moment. Thank you voice for that opportunity.

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