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Chae Chhean
Cambodia · Child Rights Coalition Cambodia

I am one of the young members of a Girl-Led Group. I live in KaChoun Krom Village, KaChoun Commune, VoeunSai district. Like other girls in this area, in the past, I thought that young marriage was common. The villagers here do it without knowing the consequences.  Now I know that It is a harmful practice that denies girls their right to make vital decisions and pursue an education. Other girls and I have always been at risk of child marriage.

Through peer-to-peer educationI learnt and explored issues around reproductive health. I joined a health post for providing mobile health services to all young mothers who are affected by child marriage and for girls who are at high risk of child marriage and teen pregnancy. I became aware of these issues when attending commune meetings.

 Adolescents and young mothers who get married at a young age, end up living in poverty. But slowly like me, they are turning to invest in education. That is what I hope for more girls and women.

My name is Chae Chhean, from Ratanakiri province of northeast Cambodia. This is my shiny moment.

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