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Anthony P. Rebenque
Philippines · Labuin Association of Persons with Disabilities, Inc.

The magic moment started the day when Voice approved our project “Empowering Persons with Disabilities in Laguna thru Independent Living Peer Counselling.” I believe Voice empowers small organisations to think outside of the box and implement their very own projects. Then the magic continues in the Community of Practice (CoP) and Community of Stakeholders (CoS) held in February 2020. There, we met other grantees and learnt from their own stories, challenges, and how they weathered the adversities. The interaction with other grantees did not stop there and I know will continue even beyond our Voice’s funded projects. The journey became even more magical when Voice allowed us to continue our project with some modifications to adapt to the current health concerns and travel restrictions due to COVID-19. What a magical journey it has been all the way.Thank you, Voice!

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