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Aminata Awa Bousso LY
Multi-country · Rencontre Africaine pour la Défense des Droits de l'Homme

Hello to the whole Voice family! My name is Aminata Awa Bousso LY, I am the lead of the Voice project at RADDHO in Senegal within the framework of the project called “Ending forced child begging in West Africa – what works? “A project that is also being implemented with two other partner organisations, Enda in Mali and ANTD in Niger.

In the course of this project, we can say that Voice has allowed us to experience many magic moments through innovative activities.

The first magical moment was the setting up of a talibé association in Dakar, which was a first in Senegal. These children, who have always been seen as vulnerable and begging all day long, were given a platform among children to make their voices heard and to participate in advocacy for the improvement of their living and learning conditions.

The second magical moment came during a workshop to train them on children’s rights. This meeting allowed us to work magic in the sense that the children were liberated, they were able to share their dreams, their aspirations but also the saddest and happiest moments they had to experience in their lives.

Another magical moment took place this time in Bamako during the second annual meeting of the project partners. This meeting also included the participation of talibé children. This was also a first! It was not only an opportunity for exchange but also for advocacy with Koranic teachers to convince them of the importance of their participation and to obtain their support in the context of the advocacy they will be doing on behalf of their peers.

This was a great moment of sharing appreciated by the children, the Koranic teachers and all the participants.

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