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Voice(s) (Un)Told – Annual Report 2021

The wait is OVER!

Voice dedicates this report to the vibrant and powerful civil society movements the world over who mobilise and advocate relentlessly for a just and equal present and future. From resisting violence against women with albinism in Uganda and supporting community environmental defenders to protect themselves against reprisals in Madagascar, to setting up a cooperative welfare fund for informal women workers in Laos and truth-telling efforts to convey the experience of survivors of human rights violations in Aceh and Timor Leste through video documentaries in Indonesia and other stories. Rightsholders and grantee partners of Voices continued to fan the flames of equality, solidarity, community and justice amidst a second pandemic year. You give us hope and we hold you in deep gratitude. 

2021 was a crucial bridge year for Voice. It marked the end of phase 1 (2016-2020) and the start of the extension phase (2021-2024). We are proud to present to you Voice(s) (Un)told. The beginning of the journey in this extension phase.  

You can download the report here and also read it in the form of a real book, making a fun sound as you turn the page!

Voice(s) (Un)Told

Enjoy #VoicesUnTold


Voice is committed to providing safe spaces filled with integrity and respect for ALL people as well as for financial resources.

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