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Daring to dream!

By: Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center, Cambodia

Amplifying Voices of Indigenous Women and Discriminated Groups through Innovative Multimedia is the name of the project being implemented by the Bophana Center, an Innovate and Learn grantee from Cambodia.

The project, which works with several rightsholders under the Voice umbrella, uses innovative multimedia to highlight and amplify the challenges and successes faced by these communities.  As part of their project, the organisation teamed up with several ethnic youths to strengthen their capacity in storytelling thus truly living the principle of Nothing About Us Without Us.

The training certainly bore fruits!

The youths have been sharing several short clips of stories highlighting the different practices, cultures, visions, and dreams of their communities. These are the stories captured on short films.

With the first series out, the team is working on sharing the second series. Watch this space!


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