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Coordination team

The coordination team guarantees down-  and upward accountability, support to country teams, oversight and provides a framework and guidelines for coherence and strategic direction. It ensures local to global, global to local and local to local linking and learning, and builds and protects branding and positioning of Voice. The team establishes partnerships and provides grants to regional and global actors.

  • Inez Hackenberg

    Voice Linking and Learning Coordinator, Hivos
    Contact: inez.hackenberg@voice.global
    Inez brings almost 30 years of experience as development practitioner, the majority of which in Africa. After her studies in Cultural Anthropology, Inez joined Medicins Sans Frontieres, devoting 10 years to emergency logistics and coordination. To broaden her scope, Inez switched to programme management and capacity development and specialised in gender, organisational capacity strengthening and participatory facilitation. Partly as a consultant as well as employee, Inez worked with Hivos, Oxfam Novib, CARE, Cordaid, SOS Kinderdorpen amongst others. The work exposed her to a large variety of civil society organisations, including informal groups. Often related to people discriminated by gender, age, HIV and/or sexual orientation. She managed a grant facility for community based organisations in Northern Mozambique and is founding member of two local non-governmental organisations. Inez loves facilitating multi stakeholder processes, self-assessments and learning trajectories all with the aim to connect people.

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  • Clemens Wennekes

    Voice Finance Coordinator, Oxfam Novib
    Contact: clemens.wennekes@voice.global

    Clemens has a longstanding experience in development co-operation both in the Netherlands and abroad and has been working for over 18 years with Oxfam Novib as a (senior) financial officer. He has extensive knowledge of donor stipulations, contract management and compliance monitoring including internal and external audits.  This includes major multilateral donors: EU and UN agencies, bilateral donors (Dutch MoFa, Sida, Norad, GIZ, Danida, Finnida) and major foundations (Ford, Hewlett, Comic Relief, Ikea).  He has worked in many of the target countries for Voice including Kenya, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Uganda, Philippines and more remote support with the Oxfam country offices in Laos, Indonesia and Cambodia.  As finance officer in Oxfam Novib’s Global Programmes team he worked with some of the major global actors in the thematic areas of Voice. Clemens is an internal auditor for Oxfam Novib and key user of accounting programmes and other MIS programmes / ERP-systems (SAP).

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  • Kayla Lapiz

    Communications Officer

    Contact: kayla.lapiz@voice.global

    On top of Kayla’s bucket list is to contribute to societal transformation—from one where oppression exists to one that is just, inclusive, and poverty-free. This was added to her list as she became a Development Communication practitioner, initially joining the civil service with a focus on education. The stint sparked in her an interest in the field which turned into a passion. She searched for experience and excitement in the formal teaching arena (and found it!) but later on became more impassioned in vouching for equitable educational opportunities to learners of all ages. She is currently taking her graduate studies in Nonformal Education and continues to advocate for inclusive and collaborative learning as a way to check that item in her bucket list. Kayla is based in Manila at the Hivos office.

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  • Alex Loer

    Voice Roving Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - Asia, Oxfam in Cambodia

    Contact: alexander.loer@voice.global 

    Alex joined the Voice coordination team as Roving Monitoring & Evaluation Officer for Asia in June 2021. Previously, his interest to support civil society groups led him to assignments with Oxfam, through which he joined the Voice country teams in both Laos and Cambodia. In the years before, he has worked with development and humanitarian organisations that tackle issues around formal and non-formal education as well as rural livelihoods in Laos, Cambodia and in Myanmar. Alex wrote his thesis on how social inequality relates to access to quality education in rural areas. He enjoys working in the countryside and to inquire into how learning new things can help those facing big challenges to lead on bringing about big changes. When not working, Alex likes to explore the world through movies, photography as well as travel whenever possible.



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  • Peris Kariuki

    Voice Roving Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - Africa, Hivos East Africa 

    Contact: Peris.Kariuki@voice.global

    Peris Kariuki is a multilingual Monitoring Evaluation and Learning - MEAL practitioner with experience working on programmes in various contexts. She holds a Master’s degree in International Humanitarian Action and has an educational background in the fields of diplomacy, international affairs and sustainable development. Prior to joining Voice, Peris worked with Interpeace on peacebuilding programmes focusing on the African Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo). Peris strives to use her skills to contribute to the effective design, monitoring and evaluation of new and existing interventions for responsive and adaptive programming. She is passionate about the advancement of human security and inclusive sustainable development. Her goal is to contribute to ensuring that every human being has the opportunity and ability to live a dignified and fulfilling life. She loves people and wants to constantly work towards positively impacting lives.

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  • Ishita Dutta

    Voice Programme Manager, Oxfam Novib

    Contact: ishita.dutta@voice.global

    Ishita is a feminist activist and human rights practitioner from India. She joins Voice as a programme manager. Over the last 9 years, Ishita has cultivated a passion for using human rights law as a tool for intersectional movement building, advocacy and organising. She has a strong interest in feminist facilitation as a way of ensuring safe, respectful and resilient organisations and movement spaces. Voice provides a unique opportunity for Ishita to learn about shifting power and creating transformative relationships in the context of grant-making. Ishita has an academic background in law and has previously worked with the Bangladesh Legal Aid & Services Trust (BLAST) and with the International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW AP) in Malaysia. In addition to honing her programme strategy development and management skills, these experiences have enabled Ishita to organise and mobilise with diverse social justice movements, including those representing Voice rightsholders groups.

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  • Kahlille Seranilla

    Voice Regional Roving Grant Officer Asia, Hivos South East Asia

    Contact: kahlille.seranilla@voice.global

    Kahlille is a lover of freedom. She enjoys constantly asking questions for a hobby and uses her voice as a woman with disability, a child of the orient, and a seeker of truth and justice to challenge power dynamics within the development sector and beyond. Prior to her engagement in Voice as the Regional Grants Officer for Asia, she was first the Project Manager in the Philippines from 2016 until 2018, and in between, ended up supporting the work of some grantees as an independent consultant. Beyond her profession, she is more known by her family and friends as a music lover, creative, comedian, risk-taker, and someone who craves to try new things every day. Also, as a mental health advocate, she promotes wellness and fair engagement in the workplace and supports human-centred ways of working together.

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  • Kelly Imathiu

    Voice Regional Roving Grant Officer Africa, Hivos East Africa
    Contact: kimathiu@hivos.org

    Kelly Imathiu was most recently the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisor at Médecins Sans Frontiers (MSF)- Holland stationed in Nairobi, Kenya. They completed their undergraduate degree in Environmental Health at Moi University Eldoret, and went further to complete their Masters degree in Global Health and Development at University College London (UCL) in the UK.  Kelly has approximately 11 years of experiences working with diverse under-served communities these include refugees, homeless youth, person’s with disabilities, person’s who identify as albino’s, LGBTI communities and person’s living with HIV. They have worked with a variety of international non-profits including UHAI-EASHRI, HIAS Refugee Trust of Kenya, Spectra-London and Covenant House Newark, NJ, USA. They are also deeply passionate about inclusive organizing for underserved communities and how to develop diverse frameworks that recognize the struggles of these groups.  Kelly joins Voice as the Regional Roving Grants Officer (Africa).

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  • Oumaima Ouaissa

    Voice Project Officer, Oxfam Novib

    Contact: oumaima.ouaissa@voice.global

    Oumaima joined the Voice coordination team as a project officer based in The Hague after completing her Master’s in Environment and Resource Management at the Free University of Amsterdam. She is interested in climate change-related issues in the Eastern part of Africa. During her master's degree, she chose the specialisation of Global Water Challenges. She soon realised that water challenges are more than just drinking water-related. Water problems can be gendered in nature. For example, little account is taken of the needs of women and girls worldwide regarding water supplies and hygiene, even in humanitarian settings. Also, cultural gender norms limit access to many services for women and girls, such as access to school, because they are responsible and spend hours fetching water. Oumaima, therefore, wants to stand up for these girls and ensure that they have access to basic services such as education and hygiene products. Although she joins the extension phase of Voice, she is extremely motivated and energetic to learn a lot about the previously implemented projects and hopes to support the global coordination teams as much as possible.

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  • Anne Mulehi


    Communications Officer, Voice Global, Hivos East Africa



    Anne Mulehi is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in communications, journalism and advocacy. With over six years of practice as a Communications Officer in the humanitarian sector, she brings a wealth of experience to the intersection of environmental conservation, community-led initiatives and communication strategies.

    Anne has curated the Global Shapers Community in Nairobi, Kenya, showcasing her commitment to fostering positive change and leadership among young professionals within her community. Her previous role as a Writer for The Founder Magazine reflects her passion for storytelling and the amplification of impactful narratives.

    With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Media Studies from the University of Nairobi, Anne combines academic prowess with practical expertise. She has honed her skills through various training programs, including Project Management Essentials, Humanitarian Information Management, Communications & Media by Disaster Ready Organization, among others.

    Anne's commitment to continuous learning is evident in her participation in the Forward Program facilitated by McKinsey & Company. She is also well-versed in Digital Marketing, having earned endorsements from Google and iab.

    Anne’s journey is characterised by a passion for effective communication, a dedication to humanitarian work, environmental causes and a commitment to continuous growth and development.

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