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Country Teams

Most programme and granting activities are managed by country staff based in the Voice focus countries, employed by either Oxfam country offices or Hivos regional offices. The decentralised approach means flexible decision making where local Voice teams define priority groups and thematic priorities in close collaboration with local stakeholders and grantees. The country teams consist of a full-time Voice Programme Officer and half-time Finance Officer with additional support from staff in Communications, Linking and Learning and Monitoring and Evaluation. For more information on the structure please go here.

Team Nigeria (oxfam)

  • Ijeoma Okwor

    Project Coordinator, Voice Nigeria
    Contact: ijeoma.okwor@oxfam.org
    Ijeoma Okwor is a gender expert with ten years experience in the development and human rights sector. She is passionate about the course of the vulnerable and discriminated members in her country. She is also interested in social justice and human security. She has a Masters in Law from the University of Southampton, UK, (2010), a Bachelor in Law from Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria (2004), was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2006, and has a diploma in Social Works from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, in 1999. Ijeoma is currently working with Oxfam Nigeria as Project Coordinator for Voice and she is among others, driving the gender component of Oxfam Nigeria’s country strategy.

    Please note that Ijeoma is on maternity leave between September 2017 and March 2018 and is covered by Dorothy Iruaku Oleka. Her Email is Dorothy.IruakuOleka@oxfamnovib.nl

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  • Franca Edoga

    Finance Officer, Nigeria

    Contact: franca.edoga@oxfam.org

    Franca is currently the Finance Officer for the Voice Programme with Oxfam in Nigeria, having just started early April 2019.  Franca is a certified accountant with the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), a higher national diploma in accountancy and over 3 years working experience in the international NGO sector.

    She is passionate about her job as an accountant especially in making a positive impact through the work she does and strengthening the financial capacity of the Voice grantees to help ensure accountability to the ultimate project participants as well as the donor. Franca looks forward to being part of the success stories of Voice.

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Team Kenya & Tanzania (Hivos)

  • Reina Kogembo

    Finance Officer, Voice Kenya & Tanzania
    Contact: rkogembo@hivos.org
    Reina is passionate about seeing livelihoods improved and leaving someone or something better than she found them. Reina has worked with partners and grantees for over 7 years and has a MA in Economic Policy. Reina is already looking forward to the end of the programme, when the partners capacity has improved, especially on financial management. For her this is the favourite moment in any programme. Hoping that by the end of Voice we have improved the systems, capacity and people’s lives and have given them a VOICE is Reina’s big dream!

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  • Sheila Mulli

    Programme Officer Voice Kenya
    Contact: smulli@hivos.org
    Sheila Mulli is the Voice Programme Officer for Kenya based at Hivos East Africa. Sheila is passionate about developing innovative approaches to creating a world that is free and fair for all.  Sheila has worked in the NGO space for 6 years  promoting and defending the rights of women and girls across the African continent and globally. All voices matter within society and Sheila willfully accepts the task of challenging societal norms, so that those that society deems as different, will be empowered. Sheila sees their roles as crucial and constructive to help the development of their communities and the world at large. She holds a degree in Economics and International Relations.

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  • Emmanuel Waisai

    Junior Programme Officer Voice, Tanzania 

    Contact: ewaisai@hivos.org

    Emmanuel Waisai holds a Bachelor's Degree in community and development studies with specialisation in project planning and management. Realising the central role of community development projects and, because of his personal and particular interest in them, Emmanuel built skills in project planning, management, advocacy, research, facilitation and outreach and focused his efforts on project management and research of sustainable development issues. He currently works as a Programme Assistant for Voice based at Hivos in Tanzania. Before joining Hivos, he worked for VSO-Tanzania as a project facilitator and research assistant for a prolonged period of time. Emmanuel has more than 3 years of work experience in the area of project management.

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  • Potraite Abel Shuma

    Abel Shuma

    Finance Officer, Voice in Tanzania, Hivos East Africa

    Contact: ashuma@hivos.org

    Abel is passionate about seeing a society where everyone is valued despite variations in terms of our opinions, gender, ethnicity, sex or race. Abel’s dream is to live in a society where ALL human beings are treated EQUALLY and each one’s contribution to society is valued.  Having experience in serving in multi-cultural societies in different capacities, Abel’s dream and passion are to amplify the unheard voices through implementing various programmes undertaken by Voice, Tanzania and East Africa at large.

    Abel has worked with International Organisations for over nine years and has an MA in International Business Management.


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Team Cambodia (Oxfam)

  • Boren Nou

    Programme Finance Officer, Voice Cambodia
    Contact: Boren.Nou@oxfam.org
    Boren has over 13 years’ experience in the field of Administration and Finance. Before joining Oxfam, Boren worked as an accountant and administrator with the Department of Media and Communication at the Royal University of Phnom Penh for seven years and before that Boren was an Administration and Finance Manager as well as in Grant Management with a Non-Governmental Organisation. Boren graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2003 in the field of accounting and currently holds a Master’s degree in Development Management from Norton University. She started working for Oxfam Cambodia as Finance Officer for Programmes since June 2017 and has joined Voice from December 2017.

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  • Sokha Srey

    Grant/Partnership Specialist, Voice Cambodia
    Contact: Sokha.Srey@oxfam.org
    Sokha obtained a Master of Science in Education with specialisation in Community Development from the Asian Social Institute (ASI) in the Philippines. She has more than 6 years of work experience on Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS prevention with youth garment factory workers. five years working to promote the rights of people with disabilities and inclusiveness with Handicap International in Cambodia. Before joining Oxfam, she used to work for CARE International in Cambodia as Senior Technical Officer responsible to coordinate and support 25 local NGOs partners both with project implementation and financial management as part of  the Implementation of the Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) project for close to  2 years. In December 2017 she joined Oxfam Cambodia as the  Voice Grant/Partnership Specialist and is looking forward to seeing all the changes made by the Voice Programme.

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Team Niger (Oxfam)

  • Hadiza Amadou

    Programme Officer, Voice Niger
    Contact: Hadiza.Amadou@oxfam,org
    Hadiza is the Voice Programme Officer with Oxfam in Niger since February 2017. Hadiza is a Masters of Arts holder in International Development with a focus on Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies from Ohio University, Athens Ohio, USA, and a BSc. in Demography and Social Statistics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria. Hadiza has over 7 years of experience working with INGO and local entities in the development sector and administrative support. She is passionate about change making in gender inequality, access to equal opportunity and social justice for all. With Voice, she hopes to see the dream of the change being materialised.

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  • Aïda Toyé

    Linking and Learning Assistant, Voice in Niger 

    Contact: Aida.Toye@oxfam.org

    After studying public administration at the University of Abuja in Nigeria, Aida decided to launch her career in  communications. Over the course of 13 years Aida worked for some of the bigger communication agencies in West Africa, participating in setting up fruitful exchanges with various types of clients as well as successfully organising major events.

    Although Aida is new to the world of sustainable development, she has always wanted to work for an organisation that fights against social inequality, poverty and injustice in the world. At a small scale Aida had also begun collecting and donating to support the most disadvantaged people at an individual level without the element of empowerment or independence and without the bigger picture of influencing policies and social norms to improve their situation.

    Today, from her position as Linking and Learning Assistant within Voice in Niger, Aida intends to make available all her expertise, her experience and her determination for the creation of events, exchange and sharing frameworks between all Voice grantees in Niger and beyond, so that successes and failures are shared and disseminated to help us improve!


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  • Omar Moctar

    Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant, Voice Niger

    Contact: moctar.omar@oxfam.org

    Omar holds a master's degree in computer management from the University of Management Sciences and Technology of Benin and a Certificate of Proficiency in English from TAS School of Ghana. Omar has developed skills in project management, monitoring and evaluation by using technology in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Before joining Voice at Oxfam Niger, he worked with the NGO Peactech Lab under a USAID-funded programme to fight violent extremism in the Sahel as a Project Assistant. He also worked for the Umef Swiss University in Niger as an IT Assistant and then Deputy Head of the Studies Department at the same institution. Omar is convinced that discriminated and marginalised populations can and must play an important role in the socio-economic and cultural development of their communities and that through Voice Programme the voices of the most marginalised can be raised and heard.

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Team Mali (Oxfam)

  • Ramata Coulibaly

    Project Coordinator, Voice Mali
    Contact: rcoulibaly1@oxfam.org.uk
    Ramata Coulibaly joined Oxfam Mali on 1 December 2016 as Project Coordinator for Voice. A holder of a Masters Degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Mali, Ramata has over ten years of experience in the promotion and protection of the rights of vulnerable groups such as children, domestic workers and youth. She has worked for both national and international organisations to facilitate access to education, to sexual and reproductive health rights among youth and for general access to humanitarian actors. Most recently she has worked for the UK NGO Right To Play as Project Officer.
    Ramata is a tireless defender of gender equality, women’s empowerment and social justice, values she also instills in her three children.

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  • Mahamadou Adama Traoré

    Finance and Grant officer, Voice Mali

    Contact: Matraore@oxfam.org.uk

    Holding a Masters degree in management economics from the Faculty of Law and Economics of Mali, Traoré has over 8 years of professional experience in Accounting, Finance and Administration and more than 5 years of working experience in the international NGO sector.

    Before joining Oxfam in Mali, where Voice is based- he worked with the French humanitarian NGO Solidarités International Mission Mali as Assistant Administrator in Human Resources/Finance in July 2014, bases in Tombouctou (North Mali), before joining the Coordination Office in Bamako as Assistant administrator in October 2015, and promoted in November 2016 to chief accountant within the same organisation.

    Aware of the role of managing finances and grants awarded by Voice in Mali, he focuses his efforts on strengthening financial controls, financial evaluation, monitoring of the programme partners, and the analysis of the grant portfolio.

    Traore is interested in issues of governance, human rights and accountability, and social justice as well as empowerment of vulnerable groups.

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Team Indonesia & Philippines (Hivos)

  • Lilinsuto Wau

    Finance Officer, Voice Indonesia & Philippines
    Contact: lwau@hivos.org
    Lili is Finance Officer for Voice covering Indonesia and the Philippines. She has been working for international and local NGOs for over 11 years and she knows intimately the challenges and requirements in these international environments. She also has extensive experience in working with partners.

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  • Marie Frances Piscano

    Project Manager, Voice Philippines

    Contact: myasmin@hivos.org

    Marie is an advocate for a life worth living. She holds a master’s degree in Sustainability and has worked for various peace, gender and development projects in the Asia Pacific region. More than a specialist, she is a connector of and on issues and is interested in the overlaps and linkages of themes to provide cross-cutting and holistic solutions to enduring global challenges.  Marie is a modern-day hippie and is passionate about sustainable and conscious living. She aims to contribute to the sustainable development of South East Asia as a region.

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  • Siska Dewi Noya

    Project Manager, Voice Indonesia

    Contact: snoya@hivos.org

    Siska Dewi Noya (Chika) joined the Hivos Regional Office South East Asia on 1 October 2018 as the Project Manager for Voice. Her focus areas concentrate on Gender, Human Rights and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). She has worked for both national and international / development organisations with 17 years of experience in running programmes to help reduce sexual and gender-based violence. She has been actively involved with Feminist and LGBTI movements in Indonesia for the last fifteen years and has expertise as a facilitator on Gender Transformative Approach including developing modules on child marriage, teenage pregnancy prevention, comprehensive sexuality education and mainstreaming gender and sexual diversity.

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  • Kayla del Mundo Lapiz

    Linking, Learning and Communications Officer, Voice Indonesia and Philippines

    Contact: klapiz@hivos.org

    On top of Kayla’s bucket list is to contribute to societal transformation—from one where oppression exists to one that is just, inclusive, and poverty-free. This was added to her list as she became a Development Communication practitioner, initially joining the civil service with focus on education. The stint sparked in her an interest in the field which turned into passion. She searched for experience and excitement in the formal teaching arena (and found it!), but later on became more impassioned in vouching for equitable educational opportunities to learners of all ages. She is currently taking her graduate studies in Nonformal Education and continues to advocate for inclusive and collaborative learning as a way to check that item in her bucket list. Kayla is based in Manila at the Hivos office.

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Team Laos (Oxfam)

  • Nakhornphet Pasomsouk

    Programme Officer, Voice Laos
    Contact: Nakhornphet.Pasomsouk@oxfam.org
    Nakhornphet Pasomsouk is a LGBTI activist and advocate in Laos, and he comes to Voice with a vibrant and enthusiastic personality. Nicknamed Lae, he loves music and likes to dance. Nakhornphet is passionate about Human Rights, LGBTI issues and mobilisation, gender equality and marginalised groups in general. He is convinced that marginalised populations can play a crucial role in development at both national and international level as good as any other group can do. Nakhornphet has been involved in Health – HIV/AIDS – and Sexual and Reproductive Health for target populations including, but not limited, to LGBTI in Laos for over a decade. Additionally, Nakhornphet has experience working for several different INGOs in Laos, for instance, Project Officer (2009-2011) and Research Consultant (2012-2014) at Burnet Institute, HIV and Human Rights Project Manager (2014-2015) at the French Red Cross, Technical Specialist at CARE International (2016-2017), and also at the regional level for the Global Fund Advocates Network Asia-Pacific in Bangkok (2015-2016). Moreover, he played a significant role as a representative of Men who have sex with men community in Laos (2013-2015) at the Global Fund’s Country Coordinating Mechanism. Furthermore, he served as a Committee Board Member for a group of LGBTI activists and advocates called  “Proud To Be Us Laos” (2012-2016), and the Asia-Pacific Network of Young Key Populations “Youth LEAD (Leadership Education Advocacy Development)”(2011-2015).

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  • Manivanh Senyavong

    Finance Officer, Laos

    Contact: manivanh.senyavyong@oxfam.org

    Manivanh is the Voice Finance Officer based at Oxfam in Laos since April 2018. She has 11 years of professional experience working in the finance department of various grant management programmes. Manivanh is interested in working with international NGOs sectors that support local groups. She specifically likes to work with newly established organisations through capacity strengthening their knowledge on organisation and finance management.

    Manivanh holds an English Bachelor’s of Art degree from Lao American College, a higher Diploma in Business and Accounts from Pakpasak Technical College as well as a Certificate III in English proficiency from The Barton Senior College in Adelaide, South of Australia.

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Team Uganda (Oxfam)

  • Francis-Xavier Ochieng

    Project Coordinator, Voice Uganda
    Contact: francis.xavier.ochieng@oxfam.org
    Francis-Xavier is a Governance, Human Rights and Anti-Corruption specialist with over 10 years of work experience within civil society. He holds a Master’s degree (2004) in Ethics and Public Management of Makerere University and a Bachelor of Philosophy (1999) of the Pontifical Urban University of Rome, Italy. Prior to joining Oxfam, he worked for ActionAid Kenya in various capacities; Anti-corruption Specialist (2009-10) and as Capacity Building Advisor (2013-2016). He also worked for the Centre for Governance and Economic Development as Organisational Development and Advocacy Advisor up to 2013. He worked for research and evaluation institutions such as Innovations for Poverty Action (2011-2012) and Makerere University, where he was a lecturer (2004-2008). He has extensive experience in Organisational Development, Coalition building, Research, Programme monitoring & evaluation, among others. He has interest in working on issues of governance, human rights and accountability, social justice and as well as the empowerment interventions of the vulnerable poor (women living in poverty and exclusion), and other marginalised sections of society.

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  • Jimmy Opiro Bangi

    Finance Officer, Voice Uganda
    Contact: jimmy.opiro@oxfam.org
    Jimmy Opiro Bangi is a Grants & Compliance Specialist with 10 years of experience and expertise in negotiation and administration of grants and cooperative and interagency agreements. His work has involved managing, contracting and analysing grants and budgets, capacity building of partners and he is familiar with donor regulations. Jimmy is also experienced in project planning, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of livelihoods projects and health services. Jimmy holds a Master in Business Administration (Accounting & Finance) from Cavendish University Kampala, a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management from Gulu University Uganda and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Makerere University Kampala. He is currently a student at Uganda Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Uganda (ICPAU).

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