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How we work

The consortium has adopted a decentralised management approach that builds on its presence in and knowledge of country contexts. The ten Voice country teams (including various functions such as Programme Officer, Finance Officer and Linking and Learning Support equivalent to three full-time positions per country) are supported by a decentralised Coordination Team in The Hague, Nairobi and the Philippines.

Coordination Team

The Coordination Team and especially the Voice Programme Manager is supported and managed by a small Steering Committee made up of the Executive Director of Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial, Indonesia (Yayasan Hivos) and the Unit Manager “EQUAL – Championing Civic Space” at Oxfam Novib. They regularly meet with the Programme Manager to ensure alignment with the organisational strategies as well as to assess progress made.

Management structure

The Coordination Team in The Hague has the following management structure:



Country teams

The Coordination Team supports the country teams in the implementation of Voice as well as to ensure strategic direction and coherence, global/national linking and learning and to manage the global/national calls for proposals.

Most programme activities are managed by Voice country teams based in the focus countries where Voice is being implemented.  In all ten focus countries, there is a Voice programme officer based in the capital who is at the heart of Voice.  The relationship structure is highlighted below:



Financial management

Voice is a Euro 50 million fund for five years (2016-2021) whereby the funding comes exclusively from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Overall the total budget is broken down in the following components:

35 million Euro grant fund; for grants to (local) organisations of marginalised and discriminated groups
9 million Euro for management and coordination and capacity strengthening in the Voice countries
3 million Euro is set aside to Linking and Learning strongly focused on south-south
3 million Euro is reserved for VAT

Voice is a so-called public service contract which has strict requirements for implementation of the grant facility and the linking and learning component. As a contractor the consortium needs to apply VAT and hence provision has been made for this.

The consortium is committed to openness and (financial) transparency and all information is made available on the grants according to the latest IATI standards on the Grantees Overview page and in Atlas. On this page we provide the full financial information for the coordination and management of the Voice Consortium on an annual basis by publishing a summary analysis plus the audited accounts, once they are available.

Of the overall grant budget of Euro 35 million 75% is allocated to grants at national level while the remainder is set aside for global multi-country calls. Again in our commitment to transparency and to promote linking and learning all allocated grants including awarded amounts and a small project summary are made public.
All calls are announced on the website and we encourage you to read the grants and country pages carefully. We publish all guidelines, instructions on how to apply and the reporting structure for each type of grant.

If you have any questions or have any concerns about potential fraud or corruption at national or global level please check our whistleblower policy.

In the visual below you find the overall grant distribution for the coming years. We propose to regularly assess this based on performance, absorption capacity and the realities on the ground.






Voice is committed to providing safe spaces filled with integrity and respect for ALL people as well as for financial resources.

Click here for more information on our Whistle-blower policy & Procedure