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Magic of Voice(s)

  • Yayasan Inisiatif Perubahan Akses menuju Sehat (IPAS) Indonesia

  • Women can stand up: Women without disabilities and Women with Disabilities

    Wycliffe Osangco and Elsie Mulindi Makungu, Kenyan Paraplegic Organization - Kenya
  • With passion: Making sex work a safe industry

    Sherry, Asian Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) - The Netherlands
  • Winning through Networking and Partnership - Boosting  Public Participation

    Coalition on Violence Against Women - Kenya
  • Visually impared at the forefront of decision-making

    Geofrey Juma, National Taxpayers Association - Kenya
  • The magic of intergenerational communication

    Sheila Mulli, Former Voice Regional Roving Grants Officer for Africa - Kenya
  • The isolated boy became an LGBTQIA+ influencer

    Vanton - Cambodia
  • Teamwork and mapping transform Ogiek Community conservation practices

    Lilian Kiriongi, Chepkitale Indigenous Peoples Development Project (CIPDP) - Kenya
  • Reclaiming one's indigenous identity

    Nam Ratha - Cambodia
  • Neath’s Voice Journey

    Sreyneath Chhun - Cambodia
  • More than a disability

    Dim Sophea - Cambodia
  • Me, You and Us

    Ishita Dutta, Voice Global Programme Manager - The Netherlands
  • I thought I was alone – but I am not!

    Albinism Umbrella - Uganda
  • I can lead! 

    Dat Nguyen, PARD Vietnam - The Netherlands
  • God did not make mistakes in creating me!

    Jeff B. Cagandahan, Intersex Philippines - Philippines
  • From social isolation to leading social change

    Ann Khhort - Cambodia
  • Football is for everyone: Women and People With Disabilities can play

    KEFEADO - Kenya

    National Taxpayers Association - Kenya
  • Fighting myths with love and support

    Africa Albinism Network (AAN) - Tanzania
  • Communities of Practice, in practice!

    Saophorn Phoeng, Voice Cambodia - Cambodia
  • Changes through face to face interaction

    Kids and Teens Resource Center (K&TRC) - Mali
  • Be brave!

    Pich Chhoeub - Cambodia
  • A voice about the Magic of Voice

    Nicolette Matthijsen, former Steering Committee member - The Netherlands
  • A strong woman emerges

    Keo Navy - Cambodia


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