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A photo of Francis, Joyce and Edith looking at a book together. Photo Credits: Visual Journey team “TUNAWEZA_Raising Awareness About Albinism”
Photo Credits: Visual Journey team “TUNAWEZA_Raising Awareness About Albinism”


Edith and Francis are a couple and parents of Joyce, a child with Albinism. When Edith gave birth to Joyce, she was shocked. The doctor told her that the child would change with time. A relative washed Joyce with some leaves believed to change her colour.  An aunt advised Edith not to disclose the baby’s condition to the father because he could stop providing for her. This was very devastating for Edith.


After giving birth, Edith travelled home with Joyce. They were well received by the mother-in-law, who later disclosed to Francis that his child has albinism. Francis accepted and assured Edith of his love for her and the child. The sadness in Edith’s heart “vanished when he said he loved me and the child.”


Myths and baseless beliefs about albinism that are spreading include:

‘’Parents with a child who has albinism are somehow impaired’.’

‘’Body parts of people with Albinism are valuable and can be sold to witch doctors.’’


The Africa Albinism Network (AAN), under the Voice grant, has been raising awareness on the importance of the National Action Plan for people with albinism in Tanzania. Francis heard of the project from the Tanzania Albinism Society (TAS). He learned that the government holds the responsibility as the duty bearer for defending human rights, including supporting the rights of their child by providing reasonable access to health and education.


Through the years and with this support, the couple has imparted confidence. They are fighting the myths. Joyce manages her life well while outdoors, playing with other children. 


I am motivated and committed to work hard so as to provide for my family.” – Francis Samwel Undule

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