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With passion: Making sex work a safe industry



Sherry sharing her insights during an event
Sherry sharing her insights during an event


In my early years doing sex work, I have received many questions wondering why most transgender women got into the industry. While the reasons vary and overlap, I realised this question would never stop and it is not quite an important issue. The pressing issue would be what sex workers of all gender, nationality and status need while they are in the industry.  I realised how other sex workers simply brush those issues off – as they have little faith and belief – but I wanted a change and I believe I can influence and create change.

I am a transgender sex worker, Malay Muslim, 33 years old. I got into the industry due to lack of employment opportunities but soon found various possibilities and achievements when I got involved in the advocacy field. I count my blessings to be able to openly share my experience and expand my horizon of knowledge to the community and beyond. 

My passion is to empower my community and educate clients, family, and people around sex workers on the struggles faced and how it can be a safe industry to work in. Given my position as the Regional Coordinator, and on the board of directors of a health and rights organization for the past 13 years, I have been bridging the sex worker community to resources, allies, and more. I could make change possible with my passion and the opportunity to be the voice and face of my community.

As the new leader of APNSW, I’d like to nurture a space for growth and provide a platform for inclusive strategic movement and activities that reflect the values and mission of each member of APNSW. I aim to provide leadership and support for the community and the possibility of collaboration between the community and allies for the decriminalization of sex work, and all women’s lives matter.


When our actions are driven by passion and supported by fellow community leaders and allies, changes are possible.

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