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Tax the Product, Not the Body


Business in Kisumu was not sustainable – just enough to survive on a day to day basis. Women sought fish for their livelihood, but were afraid that they would first have to exchange sex for fish. 


The Voice supported Chambua Project came into Kisumu community and trained women, as part of the Community Action Group of the National Taxpayers Association (NTA).  Women and People Living with Disabilities were empowered on issues on tax justice – advocating for “Tax the Product, Not the Body”  – to address a pressing issue: exploiting women in the Fish Sector, who had to exchange fish for sex.  


Rita, a special needs educator, had lost her job due to the pandemic, returned home, and sought possible activities to impact her community.  She was trained by the Chambua Project. Rita realised that she, as a young lady, could get into business and do business without having sex with the fishermen. Women can now engage in the fisheries sector with dignity. Women and People Living with Disabilities have become a visible entity in Kisumu’s agriculture sector. 


Now, every financial year or when the budget is out, Rita and her market group, follow up with service providers, to check if indeed a particular tender is out and given to women or people living with disability. Today, these women are able to do their own tenders, supply the fish, and claim their money. They can promote their business, supply the goods, and claim for the payment of the goods supplied. This is the change we are having now in Kisumu, through tax justice!


Photo Credit: NTA – Women in Fishery business, Kisumu


We have learned how to empower others, and the project empowered us, as well. Even after this project, we will still continue the good fight and the good spirit, to make sure that the change in our community continues. We as champions, will not stop here!” – Rita Domnick Onyango

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