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VOICE(S) UNTAMED – Annual Report 2019


It is finally here!

Our third Annual Report highlights the journey and jubilations over 2019, through the anchor of our revised Theory of Change. Its pathways Empower, Amplify and Influence are interwoven through-out to show how far the journey has taken us since Voice was launched in 2016. The visual is as rich, colourful and diverse as Voice is and wants to be – perfectly matched with the untamed voice(s) that have helped to create #beautifultrouble in 2019.

Voice(s) Untamed refers to the shift we are seeing from finding your voice to raising it – by a growing number of self-led influencers. Some of them made it to the cover of this report and website; replacing the faceless images we started with in 2016. Voices and quotes from rightsholders are kept private and authentic – out of respect. We hope to have done justice in presenting your voices accurately, beautifully and with dignity.

For ease of viewing, we have uploaded two versions of the report:

An online version in the form of a real book, even making a fun sound as you turn the page! You can also opt for downloading the document from here.

Voice annual report 2019 ENG - ONLINE PRINT


2. Voice annual report 2019 – A4 web_print

This version is presented in singular pages and is ideal for printing for those who like a hard copy.

Enjoy the read and we hope you will join us in creating #beautifultrouble


Voice is committed to providing safe spaces filled with integrity and respect for ALL people as well as for financial resources.

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