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Presenting our revised Theory of Change

The Voice Theory of Change (ToC) builds on three pathways to To Empower, To Amplify and To Influence. Experience shows these pathways are non-linear, intertwined and influence each other. The Voice ToC seeks to strengthen the capacity of (informal) groups, organisations and networks to influence, to find strategic allies among powerholders and duty-bearers, and to promote collaboration within civil society to defend rights in an ever-shifting civic space.

The first three years of implementing Voice (2016-2019) confirms social change processes follow a complex path where change shifts over time. In many instances, the contextual changes in countries have drastically altered the relationship between civil society organisations and government, demanding a different set of responses. Reflecting on the original assumptions underpinning the ToC and the harvested outcomes, we observe and acknowledge the diversity of empowerment, amplification and influencing processes happening at multiple levels and for different rightsholder groups.

Based on the above Voice took the recommendations from the Mid-Term review to heart and revised its ToC and underlying assumptions to reflect the steps and phases in social change, both in the spheres of control and influence of Voice.


Voice is committed to providing safe spaces filled with integrity and respect for ALL people as well as for financial resources.

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