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I thought I was alone – but I am not!



God, why did you make me this way?” Agnes cried day and night.  Feeling alone. She thought that she was the only person living with Albinism. Abandoned by her parents, her grandmother took care of her. Peers discriminated her. 


Photo credit - Albinism Umbrella - Agnes (right, standing) during the Learn Visit in November 2023
Photo credit – Albinism Umbrella – Agnes (right, standing) during the Learning Visit in November 2023


Albinism Umbrella (AU) through the Voice project, conducted a spatial mapping research on people with albinism. Project Officer Phiona Nicole Nantaba learned of a single mother with four children, the only person with Albinism in Kalbale-Kigezi. She invited Agnes to Kampala, Uganda. On the bus, Agnes was surprised to see people with Albinism, also heading to Kampala. People looking like her, greeted her with happiness and cheer. Since then, she knew she was not alone. 


Today, Agnes is an AU communicator, and mobilizes her community to take action on challenges that they are facing. They formed a support group for people with and without albinism. They added partners to advocate for a grant at the district for a livelihood program to help get them out of poverty.  


Albinos are humans, too. Accept and respect them in the community. If you feel alone – reach out – there is strength in being together”  – Agnes Kabogere

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