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  • Grant

    Influencing Grant

  • Target Groups

    • Indigenous groups and ethnic minorities.
    • Age-discriminated vulnerable groups, notably the young and the elderly
    • Women facing exploitation, abuse and/or violence
    • People living with disabilities

    Impact Themes

    • Increased Access to Resources and Employment
    • Improved Access to Social Services, Health and Education
    • Space for political participation
  • Partners

    Co-implementer Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment

    Amount Funded

    124,593 EURO

    Project Duration

    01 Aug 2017 - 31 Jul 2019


  • Organisation

    The Centre for Governance and Economic Development (CEGED) is a non-profit organisation started in 2009 in Uganda, largely working in Arua in West Nile. CEGED was founded by former employees of International NGOs as they pulled out of the West Nile Sub-Region in the post 2002 conflict situation. Therefore, CEGED has hands-on understanding of the development challenges and the operating environment of the region.

    CEGED was first registered as a community based organisation with Arua district Local government in 2009 and later on got fully registered as a CSO with the registrar of companies as a company limited by guarantee in April 2011.
    CEGED’s work is focused on good governance and accountability, community development, (sustainable agriculture, youth skilling), Water/ Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and renewable energy.
    CEGED aims to create responsible and accountable local governments, and economically and socially empowered citizens and communities. CEGED works in partnership with local governments, the private sector, civil society and local communities to promote good governance, service delivery and upward and downward accountability and transparency of local governments. The community development work targets rural communities, youth and women to create sustainable livelihoods and employment. CEGED seeks to improve agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner, enhance agricultural market linkages and value chain development initiatives thus enhancing food security and household incomes of the rural poor.

  • Project

    The Citizens Voice for Rights in Development or CiVoRiDe project of CEGED intends to address the economic marginalisation and imbalances of voiceless youth, people living with disabilities (PWDs), adolescent mothers and women. The goal is to enhance the civic activism of poor and marginalised youth and women to meaningfully enjoy their economic rights for sustainable livelihoods in West Nile region in Uganda.

    This shall be achieved by providing spaces for the voiceless, to influence the responsible public institutions or duty bearers so they will become responsive to the needs and priorities of the targeted beneficiaries who are organised in self-help groups in three districts of West Nile region. In doing this, the project will explore the opportunities enshrined in the laws of Uganda for the promotion of freedom of assembly, speech and inclusive local governance. The project intends to amplify the voice of 68 rural youth and 55 women groups to influence the governmental entrepreneurship funds to become responsive and inclusive in Arua, Koboko and Nebbi districts by 2018. As a result, the responsible and mandated public institutions and agencies for entrepreneurship funds are providing timely services to marginalised rural youth and women in West Nile region. Further, the project aims to increase governance and management of land-ownership and resolution of land-conflicts in districts of Nebbi, Maracha, Arua West Nile region. As a result, they aim for a 40% improvement in reporting and response by local authorities to cases of land-tenure related land conflicts. And last, the project provide space for engagement of 18 women market vendors associations to engage with duty bearers on business operating environment in the markets of Arua, Koboko and Nebbi districts.


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