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Crazy we are but equality we demand!

By: Wendy Otieno, Communications Assistant

International Women’s Day (IWD) was a day to celebrate ‘Unsung Sheroes’ creating positive differences and claiming their space amongst different sectors in society.  The Ministry of the Netherlands in Tanzania in collaboration with Voice through Hivos came together to celebrate these women. They are;

Women in mining
Women in leadership
Women in education
Women Human Rights Defenders

The discussions revolved around the theme for this year IWD #EachforEqual. There were heated debates not only on the issues faced by women but on the role of men in ensuring that the #Equality agenda is achieved and women’s rights are advanced. From unpacking negative trends that have been ‘normalised’ in society to the systemic discrimination of women, the discussions provoked some serious engagement with the audience.

Participant airing out his view

One thing that stood out was the pot of panellists that intentionally focused on leading women rightsholders, who have been and some still are Voice grantees. One panellist was a partner from the Ministry of Netherlands in Tanzania, Solidaridad. To shake things up a bit, there was only one man panellist.

“Accepting our realities can be the first step towards ensuring that change takes effect”

Margaret Kenyi, Executive Director, Step by Step Learning Centre, Tanzania.

We could go on and on about what happened during the event but let us show you some pictures below.


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