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[BAHASA INDONESIA] Lembar Rekomendasi Indonesia Inklusi 2024

During the close out event of Voice in Indonesia, an updated list of recommendations was shared by Indonesia Inklusi.

Indonesia Inklusi is the community of Voice grantee partners in Indonesia who were involved in the Linking & Learning process and have taken ownership of such process. This list of recommendations came from lessons learned, knowledge shared and peer-to-peer capacity strengthening efforts within the community of rightsholders, allies and advocacy partners. Indonesia Inklusi intends to share the recommendations to government, non-government and community based institutions/groups, among others, emphasising on the needs, interests and capacities of the five rightsholder groups Voice works with.

  • Publication title: Lembar Rekomendasi Indonesia Inklusi 2024
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Pamflet, Indonesia Inklusi
  • Document Type: pdf
  • Keywords: Indonesia Inklusi, Linking and Learning, Voice Indonesia
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