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  • Organisation

    Perkumpulan PRAKARSA is NGO-based think-tank with the tag-line “Welfare Initiative for Better Societies”. Perkumpulan Prakarsa works to nurture and enhance welfare ideas and initiatives through independent research and active participation for the stakeholders in order to create social justice and prosperous society.

    We work with regional and global organisations, with the national (Indonesia) and local governments, parliaments, CSOs, universities, international organizations, private sector and mass media to bring ideas into initiatives and actions. We are supported by experts and intellectuals who have a formidable reputation in academic or policy circles to produce innovative research and analysis for proposing specific and practical ideas for actions.

    Prakarsa’s major concern and expertise include:
    1. Social Policies- Perkumpulan Prakarsa believes that citizens’ welfare is both a mean and an end. Human development issues – health, education, social security, and employment – are the central focus of welfare policies. We believe that prosperity can be achieved when poverty can be overcome, and that poverty is not only a problem of scarcity but also injustice.
    2. Fiscal Policies- Perkumpulan Prakarsa believes that tax and budget policies are important fiscal instruments to finance development, advance prosperity, and redistribute resources toward reducing poverty and inequality. Tax reform and the realignment of budget priorities could go a long way in addressing key development challenges Indonesia faces today.
    3. Sustainable Development – Perkumpulan Prakarsa believes that natural resources should be managed wisely, effectively and equitably through policies and practices that ensure sustainable development. Excessive exploitation of nature and economic policies that ignore environmental consequences will only provide temporary prosperity for citizens, while in the long run they will increase poverty levels and widen the economic gap.

  • Project

    The goal of this project is to enhance the well-being of the elderly through an effective policy and programme by promoting a better social assistance protection.

    The project objectives are:

    (i) Develop an innovative recommendation to improve policy and programme on social assistance and protection for the elderly through policy review and program evaluation;

    (ii) Increase awareness and understanding of how sustainable assistance impacts older persons.

    The impacts expected from the project are:

    (i) A better and effective policy and programme in providing social assistance and social protection for the elderly are promoted and adapted;

    (ii) The project should be able to provide a comprehensive analysis of the elderly beneficiary’s requirement to expand the coverage and improving the inclusiveness of public services and social protection for the elderly in the existing programmes;

    (iii) Recommended alternative and sustainable pension schemes including for the elder who works in informal working;

    (iv) Developed several models of service for the elderly carried out by the government, private and community-based social services;

    (v) Improved the quality of life of the elderly especially on sociological exclusion aspect by promoting a friendly-ageing environment.


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