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The story of Rady, a young indigenous film maker

by Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center-ARPAA, Voice in Cambodia


Rady Sa, 24, is a Tampuan woman from Ratanakri province in northeastern Cambodia experiencing a transformation in life. She graduated from high school in 2017. In 2022, Rady was among 21 trainees selected for a film training course with Bophana Center.   This course was a part of the project “The Arts of Visibility and Positive Social Change”. The project was co-funded by Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Ford Foundation, and Voice. 


Rady positioning the camera as she shot footage for her documentary film


Through her participation in the training programme, Rady’s rural life took a new direction when she received a job offer as a video editor at a prominent Cambodian Television Network (CTN). As the first indigenous woman to join the video editing team, she is thrilled to utilise the skills she acquired during the training programme.  


Rady is passionate about creating change in her community through education and vocational training. Despite the prevailing belief in her community that prioritises early marriage for daughters, Rady firmly believes in the power of education, emphasising that marrying at a young age does not lead to a better future.    


“I want to urge the elders to inspire the younger generation to seek knowledge. Marrying at a young age is not beneficial; only education can bring about a better life for them,” said Rady. 


Rady is committed to overcoming barriers in her community to pursue education and vocational training. Her documentary film entitled “Unforgettable” amplifies the struggles of a Tampuan indigenous woman, Nhum Pak, who faced domestic abuse while working as a dancer to support her family. The film was screened by the Bophana Center and Cambodia International Film Festival in 2023, bringing attention to gender-based violence and preserving traditional dance. The documentary serves as a critical tool to raise awareness within the community and ensure the continuation of cultural heritage.  


Rady and her team filming a documentary in the community.
Rady and her team filming a documentary in the community.


Watch “Unforgettable” here!


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