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Our voices through film

As an important component of Voice, Linking and learning has provided several platforms for grantees to learn, share and collaborate on several projects together as well as provide solutions to some of the common challenges they face in their various communities. Early this year in March, Bophana Center stepped up and did their thing during the learning exchange hosted by This Life Cambodia! The team trained several Voice partners on the art of film making and finally, we can say the fruits are ripening!

On December 1st, our partners like ARV Users Association (AUA) an Empowerment grantee in Cambodia commemorated World AIDS day by sharing some voices from their rightsholder groups in Video; showing their journey, dreams, and hope for the future. Learning is certainly taking shape! See for yourself below;

A short video introducing the AUA project in Cambodia.
A short video highlighting the life of Sam who lives in Cambodia
A short video of Chariya

We cannot also fail to share this video done by APL+, a two-time Empowerment grantee in Laos who are pushing for positive messaging, awareness creation and sensitising the communities on some of the challenges that persons living with HIV face through using new media platforms such as films, documentaries, and short videos.


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