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Now-Us! 2022

By Groupe Agoratoire in Consortium with l’Institut Kôrê des Arts et Métiers (IKAM)

As part of the implementation of the project activities, the Agoratoire Group in consortium with the Kôrê Institute of Arts and Crafts (IKAM) organised a boot camp with training and coaching sessions from 31 October to 04 November 2022. This boot camp was a real space for exchange, networking, coaching and learning.

Through its participatory, entertaining and innovative character, this space allowed the selected organisations and movements to reflect and define the next steps of their initiatives, based on the main orientations obtained during the sessions but also to structure themselves further in view of their empowerment.

It was an inclusively organised session with interactive exchange days and lively documentation on diverse themes such as

  • Maaya, personal development and self-esteem
  • Project development and management
  • Attitudes, prejudices and discrimination: what alternative for people with reduced mobility?
  • Personal development and self-esteem
  • Digital communication and marketing and communication of organisations
  • Maaya and Structuring of organisations
  • Project development and management
  • Success beyond disability
  • Maaya and Financial management of organisations

This Bootcamp session was closed by the Now-US Grand Prize awarding session on Saturday 05 November 2022.

Despite the relevance of all the projects, a choice had to be made, which led the jury to choose :

Jiriladon were the winners of the coveted Euro 25,000

This innovative project proposed to VOICE aims to contribute to the participation of the most stigmatised children and young people living on the street, prisoners and ex-prisoners. It will test combinations of artistic expressions to achieve this, training and professional reintegration in social entrepreneurship and has the ultimate goal of bringing Malian society to greater acceptance of these target groups. The project will organise a series of activities with the aim of making a big restitution around a festival in Bamako.


HR+ came in second and won Euro 15,000

Taxi-Solidaire-Mali is a solidarity transport vehicle on demand, accompanied, urban and specially adapted to the transport needs of people with disabilities (reduced mobility) and the elderly. It is a means of solidarity transport aimed at a segment of society that is most vulnerable in terms of transport for medical and paramedical appointments (hospitals, medical visits, etc.), administrative appointments (bank, social services, CANAM, etc.) and other family visits. It helps to break the isolation of people living with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

SOS Albinos came in third and won Euro 10,000

In view of the above context, the present Project to Support Children with Albinism in Schools aims to highlight the suffering of children with albinism in schools through awareness raising and medical support.

Collectif des Centres d’Ecoute Communautaires du Mali (COCECM)

The current initiative concerns the “Reinforcement of the prevention of physical, sexual and emotional violence against children in the district of Bamako and the improvement of care for victims”. The overall aim is to strengthen the prevention of physical, sexual and emotional violence against children in the six communes of the Bamako district and to improve the care of victims through the training/retraining of actors in direct or indirect contact with children in vulnerable situations.

Regional Union of Disabled Women of Koulikoro

Within the Regional Union of Disabled Women of Koulikoro, we quickly understood that we needed to set up an income-generating activity to enable our members to be financially independent. It is in this spirit that, after consultation between us, we decided to launch ourselves into the creation and sale of hooks. So, it works by assembling a certain number of materials such as scissors, tape measure, needles, pins, hooks and thread. The first is to create hooks according to our inspiration, which is mostly intended for babies and mothers. The second is based on custom orders from certain customers. Thus, we create for babies, mothers, families and some public places like hotels to make sheets and cushions. We have been evolving in this field since the end of 2019.

Musow Lafia

Chronic malnutrition or stunting is a public health and development problem that seriously and severely affects the survival and physical and mental development of children. Our initiative consists of culinary demonstration sessions and the presentation of picture boxes on the use of local products in the diet of children in health centres. When parents come to have their children vaccinated, we take the opportunity to give them advice on recipes based on local products. All the products we offer to women are easy to find. They are mainly tomatoes, bananas, onions, oil, sugar, salt, etc. They are very nutritious and easy to find. They are very nutritious and good for the health and development of the child. Our initiative started with the COLAB project, where we collaborated with some women.

Agir pour Soutenir les Personnes en Situation d’Handicap (ASPHA)

New information and communication technologies give us the opportunity to solve some societal problems. Our initiative consists of networking with connected people who have the role of making contributions on the Google geolocation map called ‘Google Guides’ to enable us people with disabilities to defend our rights, in this case, the problem of access to places of interest. This works by teaching ASPHA members how to use Google Maps so that they can play their part in improving the living conditions of people with disabilities by identifying public and private buildings and infrastructures that have reserved access for people with disabilities and then taking photos and adding them to Google Maps. Our initiative has been running since 2020.

Famu Danse Association

In Mali, at the national level or in the communes, an ambitious local development policy is deployed with a good number of projects affecting people with disabilities. Most of the assistance is directed towards capacity building in economic development and the provision of basic necessities. Culture and the arts within this social stratum are analytically still not covered as they should be.

Association Femmes Battues (AFB)

It aims to reduce discrimination against people with disabilities through the implementation of Law No. 2008-027 of 12 June 2008, the creation of a priority card and capacity building for health structures and CSOs in Commune I of the Bamako District over the next 12 months.

House of Hope Mali

To intensify the mobilisation of all citizens in order to bring about a profound change in society’s view of people with disabilities and of living well together. Produced films depict everyday situations and illustrate a world where disability is no longer a subject of rejection.

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