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Youth on the Borders Take up their Space!

By Kayla Lapiz, Linking, Learning and Communications Officer, Voice Indonesia and Philippines.

Nothing is more exciting than hearing and seeing partners gain the visibility they deserve; take the example of CIS Timor, an influencing grantee in Indonesia working in the Belu Regency located at the border of Indonesia and Timor Leste. The community’s situation, especially the three villages located at the borderline affects their access to the village funding, which dominos to the basic social and economic services they should rightfully have.

Image: Woven thread used to make cloth by the youth

Through their project “Youth for Inclusive Borders”, CIS Timor was able to develop a model for community organising that is inclusive to all community members; from indigenous women to the youth. This enables them to advocate and lobby for their access to the village fund. Through capacity-strengthening on community planning and advocacy, they are able to create Village Action Plans(VAP) which they continue to lobby to their villages.  

Well, you indeed reap what you sow! Isn’t it?

Last December 2019, the Nananenoe Village Government, committed to allocate a Village Fund for Community Empowerment, allowing the youth group to continue it’s work. This wonderful news was covered and published in Bahasa Indonesia by NTTOnlinenow.com , which you can access here.

According to the article, the village chose to further develop its agricultural activities such as their irrigation model and their grape cultivation. In the long run, the community envisions to be known as wine-producers in the Belu Regency. The Head of the village, Silvester Fahik, confirmed that the government is indeed allocating 15,000,000 IDR which is around 1,000 EURO for the procurement of gabions for their agricultural activities. 

What an inspiring way to start the year! Indeed, it is possible to take our political space and raise our voice through persistence of course with some help from our friends!


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