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Empowered Woman Sustains her Family

The transition of Alomo Rukia from being just a house wife to Alomo Rukia the 43 years old chairperson of Alio-nji VSLA group has taken less than five years. The mother of seven children is one of CERID’S right holder in Koboko district, Lobule sub-county, Yatua parish, Oboni village under the VOICE-Empowerment grant. Before the intervention of the VOICE project in April 2018, Alomo Rukia would simply wait for everything from her husband.

lomo Rukia explaining to the project Manager her business of fish selling.

When CERID came with the idea of Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) she picked interest and joined the group. She received training on saving, loan management and business skills. She got encouraged to build her savings and she later took a loan of 50,000 Uganda shillings to start a small scale fish selling business. This all happened in 2018. “I use to do my things without planning, but now I have plan for everything I do in my family and involving my family members which has brought unity and trust in the family which has not been there”, said Aloma

Alomo Rukia 43 years old chairperson of Alio-Nji VSLA
group in green T-shirt showing what she acquired as being
in a group

“The money I saved in the first circle was 280,000ugx I bought two Sheep at 80,000ugx each and the second circle I saved 300,000ugx I bought one Sheep at 90,000ugx the balance I used to support my children’s school fees. When the goats multiply I will use proceeds from the sale to support my son who is in primary school. The training and financial support that I have acquired from the group has enabled and empowered me to gain some independence and stand on my own”. Alomo is no longer fully dependent on her husband and contributes to the family upkeep.

“I’am now happy that I can contribute in the family for the basic needs, I encourage other women to join VSLA groups and get empowered. I thank the VOICE project through CERID for empowering me, it has been at the right time to the right people’’. Alio-nji women VSLA group is two years old located in Oboni village, Yatua parish, Lobule sub-county, koboko district. It is one of the VSLA groups that have benefited from the VOICE Project under the empowerments grant through CERID. Before the intervention of the project in April 2018 the women could come together to collect some amounts of money that would be given to one member. This continued until all the members would have had their turn at borrowing. When CERID came up with the idea of VSLA, the members were mobilized and enjoined into a group.

The group was then trained in the VSLA methodology, guided and helped to develop a constitution after which the group was registered at the sub-county local government by CERID. After registration the group was supported through the sub-county under the CDD program with a project of goat rearing worth UGX 6,650,000.

Ajonye Sarah with Alio-nji women VSLA group members who benefited from CDD program through CERID, thanking CERID and VOICE for bring such a opportunity in the community.


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