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Kahlille Seranilla

Voice Regional Roving Grant Officer Asia, Hivos South East Asia

Contact: kahlille.seranilla@voice.global

Kahlille is a lover of freedom. She enjoys constantly asking questions for a hobby and uses her voice as a woman with disability, a child of the orient, and a seeker of truth and justice to challenge power dynamics within the development sector and beyond. Prior to her engagement in Voice as the Regional Grants Officer for Asia, she was first the Project Manager in the Philippines from 2016 until 2018, and in between, ended up supporting the work of some grantees as an independent consultant. Beyond her profession, she is more known by her family and friends as a music lover, creative, comedian, risk-taker, and someone who craves to try new things every day. Also, as a mental health advocate, she promotes wellness and fair engagement in the workplace and supports human-centred ways of working together.

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