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Christine Kandie

Founder and Director, Endorois Indigenous Women Empowerment Network – Kenya

Christine is a mother, an accountant, a peace ambassador and an Indigenous, disabled woman leader in the Endorois Indigenous Community of Kenya. Over time, she has grown to be a strong human rights defender advocating for the rights of the Endorois community with a special focus on the rights of indigenous women and persons with disabilities both at a local, traditional, regional and international level. She is also a former Indigenous fellow of the year 2017 and most recently senior fellow cohorts deployed at the country office of Kenya from September to December 2020. The knowledge and skills learned in both fellowship programmes offered by OHCHR have given Christine a greater ability to stand for the rights of Indigenous women and persons with disabilities at the community and national level. 

Christine is the founder and director of Endorois Indigenous Women Empowerment Network – EIWEN, a previous grantee of Voice. EIWEN advocated for land rights for Endorois women and was established in 2019.  

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