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    Institute for Research and Empowerment (IRE), an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organisation, grew from the academic community in Yogyakarta. IRE focuses its activities on the promotion of democratisation through strengthening the initiative and critical stance of the communities, state, and private sector. IRE has an extensive experience in assisting and empowering communites at grassroot level. In addition, it provides policy input at the sub-national (district) and national level (Ministries and National Institutions). IRE partners with various local organisations, in Yogyakarta area, Java or outside Java island. In Yogyakarta, homebase of the institute, IRE is actively involved in various coalitions and consortia. The international network still needs developing, but the Institute does host international researchers and students. During its initial establishment in 1994, IRE ran a study club to discuss social and political problems, including new literature on social and politics. Since 1997, the organisation expands its activities as NGO with focus on democratisation and sectoral issues for the development of the community. IRE was involved in the demilitarisation programme, democratisation, indigenous people empowerment, and local economic development. Since last year, the focus shifted more to village democratisation, local economic development, and village assistance through research, advocacy, training, etc.

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    Law Number 6/2014 on Villages (Village Law) provides an opportunity for the village government and communities to manage their village according to their own expectations, aspirations and interests, including their village assets (economic resources, human resources and natural resources). Unfortunately, three-years into implementation of the Village Law, several problems remain. Non-democratic and unaccountable governance, also non-participatory and non-transparent, continues in many villages. Similarly, village assets are not managed optimally by lack of involvement of village marginalised groups. This project is directed “Towards Participative and Inclusive Governance of Local Assets Management”. To achieve the afore mentioned goal, the project targets existing marginalised groups in the village (demand side) and the village level government (supply side). The marginalised groups in the village are encouraged to be more active in the village budgeting process and in the village asset management. Meanwhile the village level government is supported to be more responsive toward the village community aspirations, especially their marginalised groups.


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