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“Where the Wild Franggipanis Grow” goes to Busan International Festival

by Kino Media Foundation


Behind the scenes of Where the Wild Franggipanis Grow


The Kino Media Foundation is an organisation that encourages the creation of a diverse and empowered society through film culture and/or short films. Together with the filmmaker from Bali, Nirartha Bas Diwangkara, they raised an issue that has not been visible to the surface of the Indonesian public regarding gender-based violence in the Balinese spiritual environment. They raised this through a film called Where the Wild Franggipanis Grow.


Behind the scenes of Where the Wild Franggipanis Grow


Behind the scenes of Where the Wild Franggipanis Grow


Behind the scenes of Where the Wild Franggipanis Grow


Thiz amazing film had its world premiere as a part of the Special Program in Focus Renaissance of Indonesian Cinema at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 2023, South Korea. It served as a great momentum to raise the issue through an international screening to reach more audiences, especially people outside the Indonesian context. The BIFF 2023 was a fitting platform because it is an ideal hub to start the dialogue and education about gender-based violence occuring in various types of communities.


“When I was in Busan and in the question and answer session after the screening, some of the audience were surprised that the issue of gender-based sexual violence in Bali’s spiritual environment actually existed, which was beyond the expectations of those who thought Bali was only a beautiful tourism destination. The challenge I received was more to provide objective information that although Bali has a story more than tourism, it is also important to give a voice to the voiceless which in this context the survivor of sexual violence” – Nirartha Bas Diwangkara


Some of the cast and crew


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