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Voice Naija is the official newsletter of Voice in Nigeria. They have shared with us snippets from their April 2023 issue; let’s have a look!


IKE Foundation for Autism (IFA) Calls on all Stakeholders to support the Autism Community

On April 2nd, the world commemorated World Autism Awareness Day, a day set aside by the United Nations to promote discussions around Autism Spectrum Disorders and related developmental needs. This year’s theme was “Inclusion in the Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World.”

A photo of people marching with banners commemorating the World Autism Awareness Day
Participants during the World Autism Awareness Day road walk organised by IFA


A group photo of road walk participants holding their banners/signs
A group photo of road walk participants with their personalised banners/signs


In support of this noble cause, IFA, in collaboration with other sister NGOs, including Partsilver Foundation, Royal School of Occupational Therapy Foundation, Live Well Homes, Fernand Effah Music Therapy Foundation, The Engraced Family, and SafeHost International School, embarked on a Road Walk to create awareness. The focus of the Road Walk was to promote inclusion in all spheres of life for those in the Autism and Special Needs Community. IFA called on all stakeholders to support the Autism Community and offered advocacy for stakeholders to provide all-round support. During the awareness campaign, IFA urged the public to focus on empathy rather than prejudice when dealing with individuals in the Autism Community. The campaign aimed to gather voices to advocate and create the necessary platforms that will give voices to those affected by this condition.


Female Student Leaders Unite to Combat Sexual Harassment on Campus: Gender Mobile’s Innovative App Leads the Way!

Gender Mobile, one of Voice grantee partners committed to gender equality in Nigeria, recently facilitated an insightful training session for select female student leaders on campus organising. The training was aimed at amplifying the voices of the female student leaders and enabling them to mobilise action and hold their institution accountable.


A group photo of young women posing for the camera
Female student leaders trained by Gender Mobile on campus organising


The training is part of Gender Mobile’s continuous effort to combat sexual harassment on campuses. As a result, the organisation also held a Town Hall Forum to discuss the effects of sexual harassment in the environment of learning. During the forum, Gender Mobile pitched its CampusPal app, a safe platform for students to report incidents of sexual harassment and ensure that their voices are heard. The app was successfully launched during a hostel drive at the University of Abuja, where students were encouraged to download it. To download the CampusPal app, visit [Apple Store, Play Store].

“We believe that creating a safer and more equal world for all starts with giving a voice to those who are often silenced,” said a spokesperson for Gender Mobile. “By empowering female student leaders and providing them with a safe platform to report incidents of sexual harassment, we can work towards achieving gender equality on campuses.”


Looks exciting, right? Keep posted for the whole issue!


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