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Finding Our Voice

The creative expression session during the Inclusion Innovation Indaba, Nairobi, 2019, triggered a lot of creativity. From the experience sharing, solidarity and friendship were born between and among the participants. The poem below was composed on the third day by a participant who was part of the group that talked about loved ones who have mental and intellectual disabilities.

Written and narrated by Toun Tunde-Anjous, People Director, Co-Creation Hub Nigeria

Toun reciting Finding Our Voice poem














They would rather not see you
Prefer you were silent

But I see you
I hear you loud and clear

They don’t know you
Like I know you

You chose me
And I accept you in return

You are unique
Watch me showcase your gift

Till we accept it
And ‘they’ accept it

Step by step
Let’s speak up!

I will be your voice
Until you find yours

Group performance on supporting loved ones with mental and intellectual disabilities

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