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Inclusion at county level

By: Naomi Majale, National Taxpayers Association, co-implementing partner of Kenya Paraplegic Organisation

The Kenya Paraplegic Organisation (KPO) is one of the six lead organisations that succeeded after the launch of the Call for Ideas titled ‘From Open to Inclusive Governance with the aim to support self-led organisations to harness the power of social accountability and creativity to promote inclusion.

KPO is implementing the project Chambua –Enhancing Inclusive Taxation that’s working to ensure that two key rightsholder groups; Women at risk and persons with disabilities are accessing productive resources, open and inclusive spaces for political participation.

As part of the design phase, the project has thus far been able to push successfully for the production of two key documents that are the initial step in ensuring the inclusion of rightsholders’ voices in two major counties in Kenya.

We are proudly sharing a snapshot of what each document entails with the full text attached and downloadable

CIDP Kisumu County Analysis

The County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) is a plan prepared by all counties in Kenya to guide development over five years. Kenya’s Public Finance Management Act, 2012 provides that no public funds shall be appropriated outside a county’s planning framework. The CIDP contains information on development priorities that inform the annual budget process, particularly the preparation of annual development plans, the annual county fiscal strategy papers, and the annual budget estimates. In Kisumu County, one of the major challenges faced by various rightsholder groups is the lack of access to the budget documents both in terms of actual accessibility as well as the ease of language used. Therefore, it has become the initiative of Civil Society Organisations in Kisumu to help access these documents. In this case, the Kenya Female Advisory Organisation (KEFEADO) -another co-partner in this project- has analysed the Kisumu County CIDP for 2018-2022 by sector and created a simplified version of the document to share and disseminate among the local community. Read here the simplified document.

Nairobi County Memo Submission

Kenya’s Public Finance Management Act, 2012 requires counties to develop an Annual Development Plan (ADP), which, along with the County’s 5-year County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), becomes the basis for the County’s annual budget. The ADP is a single year extract from the CIDP that allows for updates to respond to emerging issues in the economy. Following the call for submission of memoranda/public participation by the Nairobi City County Assembly in accordance to Article 196 (1)(b) of the Constitution of Kenya and Standing Order 121(3), the Kenyan Paraplegic Organisation (KPO) and the National Taxpayers Association (NTA) made a submission to the county in this regard.

Download the document in the next section.


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