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Umma Yamme: Sharing the fruits of our labour

By Selviana Yolanda, Project Coordinator, Aliansi Nasional Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (ANBTI)

Umma Yamme, which translates to “Our Home”, is a group that developed through the National Alliance of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’s (ANBTI) Empowerment project.

The project focuses on the inclusion and empowerment of the Marapu indigenous communities in West Sumba through a participatory action strategy. In their journey together with the community, they were able to create a Community-Based Learning Center that was later known as Umma Yamme. This became a group that fosters learning spaces, especially for women and youth. Together, they identify the key issues they face, formulate plans and advocacies as a response to these struggles, and opened a space for collective gathering and capacity strengthening.

Through space they co-created, ideas popped in here and there!

To transform their village, Tarung-Wee Tabara, into a Marapu-based authentic eco-tourism destination. Not only would this idea provide for livelihood opportunities; but more importantly it would preserve their indigenous customs, traditions, and beliefs. For the community, there has been nothing more exciting than turning this idea into a reality.  

Inspired by the results of this project, ANBTI plans to replicate this with the surrounding villages of Marapu, also at the request of their local government.  

Below is a brochure created by the Umma Yamme through efforts of intergenerational knowledge transfer. They developed it through a participatory approach from village-mapping to photo and video documentation.

Brochure in English

Brochure in Bahasa

With the wonderful results of their project, ANBTI plans to continue a similar programme that will involve the surrounding villages of Marapu. This motivation also comes from a request from their local government to continue with their initiatives to empower and build the capacities of indigenous women in West Sumba, committing to support the sustainability of such activity.

This truly lives up to our #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs mantra!


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