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The road to NOW-Us! Awards 2019

By: Sarah Hendriks, Communications, Partos

It’s only 4 days left until NOW-Us! 2019! This weekend the nominated NOW-Us! teams from across the world will arrive in The Netherlands to join the NOW-Us! Week. A week to celebrate inclusion in general and target-led initiatives in particular. During the week teams are able to present their projects, learn from each other and work on the progress of their projects. This will be this weekend on October 11 at the Partos Innovation Festival where eventually the winner of the NOW-Us! Award will be announced.

NOW-Us! Week 2019


I feel so happy and I’m looking forward to meeting all the other teams and learn from them“

Exciting days are ahead! It’s not only The Spindle and Voice looking forward to the NOW-Us! Week, the participants are enthusiastic as well! We asked them how they’re feeling about the upcoming week and here’s what they had to say in their own words:

Deaf Tech Kids

When we learned that we were selected we were surprised that out of 162 organisations in Africa and Asia, DFT is in the top 10. Truly it’s a remarkable opportunity for us! We feel so happy and we’re looking forward to meeting all the other teams and learn from them. It’s a great opportunity for us to learn from different organisations and how they are promoting inclusion in their country. We’re also looking forward to learning from the experts during the workshops and how to improve our work with deaf kids.”

Empowering the blinds in all spheres of life through inclusion

A very big thank you for inviting us! When I first heard about our nomination for the program and participation at the inclusion festival I really felt excited and to be invited to the Netherlands, also to learn from everyone’s experiences.

Safari Doctors

When we heard about our nomination for the NOW-Us! Week, we were excited because we are going to a new place, a new country to meet people who are causing a difference by the inclusion of the marginalised groups. It’s something that I am passionate about and I am excited to meet people who can teach me more.

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