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Digitalisation & Development: Inspiration from Dutch Development Cooperation

How can digital approaches add value to development interventions?

That is the key question of this publication. Over the past two decades, the global information society has seen an upsurge of innovative approaches to international cooperation in which (big) data and digital technologies have taken central stage. It is important to grasp the potential impact of these interventions and to distill lessons learned for the formulation of future Digitalisation & Development strategies and policies. This publication offers a glimpse into the potential impact of, and the risks
and challenges that come with introducing digital solutions across the thematic areas of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. For each of the themes, inspiring examples of interventions that
receive direct or indirect support from the Ministry are presented, highlighting the added value of the digital approach for reaching impact.

And Voice is the first case study among thirty!


  • Publication title: IT4D.nl 30 SHOWCASES
  • Author:
  • Date: 2019-05-01
  • Document Type: pdf
  • Keywords: Digitalisation, accessibility
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