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Edwin Huizing

Director Hivos, Netherlands
Mr. Edwin Huizing is a Dutch national leading the Humanistic Institute of Development Cooperation (Hivos) since 2013. Before assuming this post Edwin served as Director of the East and South Africa Sub regional Office of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA, 2010-2013), overseeing the implementation of UNFPA’s policy, programmes and finances as well as lead the UNFPA team in Eastern and Southern Africa to provide support to the Country Offices and their partners in advocacy, programming, technical and financial areas. Prior to joining UNFPA, Edwin served as Executive Director of the Dutch Council for Refugees, the largest Dutch Refugee-supporting NGO, from 2006 to 2010. During that period, he led and oversaw their change process integrating a more business oriented approach. He served as Country Representative of the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) in Mali from 1996-2001 as well as held several other posts with SNV in Mali, Niger and Botswana.

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