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Highlighting an Inclusion Hero: the case of Agoratoire’s Aziz Sitenk in Mali

Manager of Agoratoire (a Voice grantee in Mali), Aziz SitenK is a slam artist and cultural entrepreneur in Mali. Aziz has devoted his life to promoting arts, connecting and exchanging through art, promoting perspectives for youth and fighting for human rights and inclusion of the most deprived and vulnerable people of society. Whether through the power of art, such as oral (slam) or theatre the overall goal is to educate the public and create inclusion. Slam is urban poetry and is an art form that is close to the Malian traditional oral art culture. It is a powerful means to connect and engage  people of all backgrounds.

(Credit Fenke Elskamp).

It is a must-watch and gives a good impression of what Agoratoire is trying to achieve through the project Voices of Kids with a Difference

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