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Consultancy vacancy: Voice TOC animation

Voice is a fund for diversity and inclusion that supports rightsholders groups in their efforts to exert influence in accessing productive resources, social services, and political participation.

2020 is an important year for Voice. It is a year in which we transition from the final full year of the first phase into the preparation of the extension phase (2021-2024). It is a year in which the majority of our three-year global influencing grants are coming to an end. It is a year where our amplification efforts take full shape.

The overall design of the Voice programme is grounded on an overarching Theory of Change (ToC): A comprehensive description of how and why the desired change is expected to happen in a particular context.

Overall purpose of this assignment

Visualisation and animation are an essential part of disseminating and reviewing our ToC. Using infographics and animated visuals will quickly communicate and better understand the nuances of complex issues related to the change that the Voice programme seeks to bring about. Visualisation of our Theory of Change and its by-products (Linking and Learning process, Monitoring, and Evaluation framework) will help our programme.

We are looking for animators/graphic artists to create a short video about the ToC and flexible images to use in our publications. We are especially looking to engage someone from one of our righstholder groups.

Click here to see the full TOC

Applications should be sent in by 5 PM EAT, 26th March 2020

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Voice is committed to providing safe spaces filled with integrity and respect for ALL people as well as for financial resources.

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