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Voice(s) Connected in Kenya!

The first linking and learning event took place in Kenya on the 26th to 28th June 2018 at Pride Inn (Westlands). There were ten grantee organisations in attendance. Each of the Linking and Learning consortium members facilitated learning processes and presented information from their own unique perspectives and experiences.

The Busara Center for Behavioral Economics (Busara Center) shared preliminary findings from the needs assessment conducted with  Voice grantees, funders and other project stakeholders. The aim was to develop an understanding of Voice grantees experiences, goals and learning priorities.

LightBox facilitated a storytelling session, which included the broken telephone game to demonstrate different story plots, conflict resolution, and choice of audience. They also shared a Profile Kit Guide with the grantees to help define the parameters grantees should use in developing their profile videos.

Advocacy Accelerator through interactive methodology, allowed the Voice grantees to bond. A safe space was created to foster conversations on different topical issues, especially those that influence and affect their work as individuals and organisations. ‘I am wow at….’ a speed dating exercise was introduced at the beginning of the session, aimed at participants getting to know each other, acknowledging their strengths and enabling open discussions considering the diversity of the group set the tone. Advocacy Accelerator modelled an interactive approach to linking and learning by using participatory methodologies that enabled participants to indulge in advocacy and digital platform discussions.

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