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Visualising the Power of Inclusion: Voice@8!


by Live and Learn Cambodia, Linking & Learning Facilitator, Voice in Cambodia


Since 2021,  LIVE & LEARN CAMBODIA has served as the Linking & Learning Facilitator of Voice in Cambodia and has facilitated the journey of 26 Voice grantee partners where they learned from each other through the exchange of good practices and lessons learned, and provided spaces that boost collaboration, connection, sharing of learnings, innovation, and application of new knowledge. The process aimed to produce evidence-based learning and innovative solutions to project implementation challenges and to effect transformative change for and by rightsholders facing marginalisation and discrimination.


2024 is the year to celebrate and showcase the proud achievement of the grantee partners and rightsholder groups under the Voice programme. On April 5th, 2024 in Phnom Penh, the whole Voice Cambodia linking and learning team came together with all the grantee partners for a vibrant celebration of the programme’s closing, highlighting the grantee partners proudest achievements and impact stories. This was also a space for folks to broaden their network and to learn from the rightsholder groups’ creative and sustainable approaches. Ultimately, it aimed to promote inclusion, diversity, and innovation. Below is an illustration of the wonderful celebration that has transpired, with the theme “The Power of Inclusion”:


A visual run through of the celebration
A visual run through of the celebration


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