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Empowering girls, transforming communities: The journey of Binti Wa Pawa in Narok County

by Isa Ndegwa, Communications Manager, AfyaAfrika


In Narok County where the Maasai culture flourishes lies a silent revolution; a movement propelled not by force, but by compassion, understanding and resilience. The Binti Wa Pawa project, stands as a testament to this spirit, knitting together community dialogues, survivor empowerment and innovative sports outreach to dismantle the barriers that hold back women and girls from reaching their full potential in life.


AfyAfrika’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of the Maasai villages, where traditions run deep and change comes slowly. Amidst conservative culture and resistant forces, we have sown the seeds of transformation. Through intensive community dialogues, we have created a sense of community ownership of the project, promoted safe spaces for open discussion, challenging age-old practices with empathy and understanding. One participant, Mama Elizabeth from the Oleleshwa Village, shares her revelation:


“The dialogue facilitators’ training has given us the courage to confront the taboos surrounding FGM (female genital mutilation) and child marriage. We are no longer bound by silence but empowered to protect our daughters.”


FGM Survivors brainstorming during a girls’ camp training
FGM Survivors brainstorming during a girls’ camp training


The impact of our efforts extends far beyond the confines of conversation. Collaborating with dedicated school teachers, we have integrated sports outreach into the educational curriculum, turning playgrounds into arenas of empowerment. From spirited soccer matches to exhilarating relay races, sports have become a powerful tool in our fight against FGM and child marriage.


“Through sports, we instill values of teamwork, respect, and equality,” remarks Teacher Daniel. “It’s not just about winning games but building a future where every girl can thrive.”


The heartbeat of our project lies in the voices of survivors—brave girls who have faced unimaginable hardships yet refuse to be defined by their scars. In a recent girls’ training session on FGM, Sarah, a courageous participant, shares her a part of her journey:


“For years, I felt alone in my struggle. But here, among sisters who understand, I have found strength and solidarity. Together, we are breaking the silence and reclaiming our dignity.”


FGM survivors performing yoga exercise during an emotion well-being training
FGM survivors performing yoga exercise during an emotion well-being training


As the sun sets on another day in Narok County, the echoes of change grow louder, reverberating across hills and valleys. Binti Wa Pawa in Narok County is more than a project; it is a movement, a testament to the power of community, resilience, and hope. Together, we march forward, guided by the unwavering belief that every girl deserves a future free from fear and oppression. Our journey is far from over, but with each step, we draw closer to our vision of a world where every girl can thrive. At AfyAfrika, we believe that together we can rewrite the narrative and build a future where the rights of women and girls are respected, their voices heard and their dreams realised.


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