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Digital gender equality for a sustainable future

By Lauya Nasejje, Linking and Learning Facilitator, Voice Uganda

Because Linking and Learning encourages curiosity, for me, it has been a journey of casting nets in the deep waters to catch fish and believe me, it has paid off. I, as a facilitator, have been able to discover my hidden talent and skill set in Poetry. Something that I had never thought about before but because of the platform given to me to use innovative approaches to link and learn, I have tried out writing and reading poems and the feedback has been splendid. Therefore at every opportunity I get, I desire to showcase my works in a creative way, women’s month being part of it. Enjoy the Poem.


Roses may be red, and violets blue, but they depend on ecosystems,

Just as in this digital age, we must empower all, not just a select few.

As a Voice millennial, I strive to use my voice, to make a difference and give others a choice. But as I navigate the digital space, I can’t help but feel a little out of place.

I see the chaos, the tech issues that arise, and think “this is a boy thing,” Not mine.

But then I remember a colleague, a woman like me, who excels in tech and delivers with glee. It makes me realize that gender doesn’t define, our skills or our ability to shine.

We’re all unique, with different strengths to share, and that’s something beautiful, beyond compare.

So let’s bridge the gender divide in this digital age, and embrace technology, turn a new page. Let’s conquer fear and embrace the digital stage, for it has the power to connect and engage.

As we celebrate Women’s Month (March) 2023, I’m reminded of the Voice women and so many others who’ve inspired me, Who’ve overcome barriers and broken the mould, to pave the way for us to be bold.

Let’s strive for inclusive and transformative tech, for a future that’s sustainable, without a wreck. And let’s do it together, hand in hand, to make this world a better place, a promised land.


The image shows four people, three women and one man in what seems like a digital/techno space. They are looking at icons or symbols that represent the theme of digital gender quality.
A graphic illustration of the Poem: Digital gender equality for a sustainable future.

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